Affiliate Strategy

The New Wireless Economy. Developing our Economic Future Together.

iHub Global is dedicated to the success of Helium Systems Inc vision of building The People’s Network global peer to peer network for the Internet of Things.

iHub recognizes the enormous benefit the Helium network provides for the communities affected by the presence of its peer-to-peer network coverage. It also appreciates the potential financial impact that is possible from being a Helium Hotspot owner or host.


iHub is dedicated to providing awareness and education to individuals worldwide to not only participate in building the Helium network, but also in how to maximize the potential results from their Helium Hotspot.

iHub is also very enthusiastic towards the prospects of the Helium LoRaWAN network providing significant infrastructure that will benefit communities in developing countries.

It is to these ends that iHub Global has organized its Affiliate Structure and Business Strategy.


iHub’s Affiliate Network are attracted to the outcome of being able to positively impact their community and contact base through the development of their affiliate team. These win-win-win type of results reinforce the uplifting affiliate experience and attract more affiliates into their orbit.


iHub recognizes that many people around the world have been negatively impacted by the pandemic since early 2020. It views its affiliate business model as definitive way for such affected individuals to regain their financial dignity. It also understands that in many developing countries the participation in the Helium network through iHub Global’s affiliate model can provide life changing opportunities that have never been available.

We believe that the unique combination of the Helium network and the iHub affiliate model will provide tremendous value and organization to the Helium Vision.

iHub Affiliate Distribution Model

I would rather have 1% of the efforts of a 100 people, than a 100% of my own efforts

– J. Paul Getty

Up To 20%

Referral Rewards

Affiliates can earn rewards from the directly referred network.

Up To 25%

Host Rewards

Hosts can receive this % of what the hotspot produces.

Up To 20%

Affiliate Rewards

This % of total hotspot production is distributed to affiliates based on their achievement of affiliate plan milestones.